Where do we come from and where are we going?
How great is the influence of our consciousness on the cosmos, and what effect does the cosmos have on our consciousness?
Jac For was constantly searching for the great questions of humankind.

The artist found suggestions for these questions in quantum physics and elementary particle physics. This science also inspired Jac For to create his cycle the “sphere paintings”.
He interpreted “spheres” as light phenomena in the cosmos, that is, as the densification of light and matter between the celestial bodies. They are spiritual energies. To Jac For, spheres represent the spirit of the matter.
Jac For made use of his figurative visions artistically as of the mid 70’s in his cycle of sphere paintings in themes such as:

  • Spirit and Matter
  • Antimatter
  • Background Radiation
  • Intelligent Clouds
  • Afterlife

Jac For did not want to depict the physical reality with these paintings. His main objective was to broaden the observer’s consciousness through his art.